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Relayer Agent API

Data Object

// Disclaimer: This will be reworked soon to align with the newest schema and query the chain to get info
// The signature within the blockchain of the schema to be used for verification
"schemaHash": string;
// The DID Wallet Address of the person who is claiming the schema
"subjectID": string;
// The name of the third-party verifier that will be called. EX:
// Currently available verifiers:
"verifier": "string"
// The name of the verification method to be used by the Third Party. EX: verify-national-id
// Currently available methods:
// verify-national-id
// verify-passport
// verify-criminal-record
// verify-global-watchlist
"verificationMethod": "national-id"
// list of fields with the values to be used for the validation
"fields": {
// the name of the attribute should be the same as the one needed by the Third Party API endpoint
// Ex: firstName, lastName, dob
"attributeName": string;
// The value type of the attribute
// Aligns with DataType from the Credential Registry Values
// Allowed Types:
// Int, String, Hex, Float, DateType, Base64, [Int], [String], [Hex], [Float], [DateType], [Base64]
"attributeType": string;
// The value of the attribute, used with the attribute type to cast correctly to the needed type
"value": string;


"schemaHash": "12345679",
"subjectId": "did:serv:address-subject",
"verifier": "",
"verificationMethod": "national-id",
"fields": [
"attributeName": "firstName",
"attributeType": "String",
"value": "Fernando"
"attributeName": "lastName",
"attributeType": "String",
"value": "Salazar"
"attributeName": "dob",
"attributeType": "String",
"value": "05-12-1997"
"attributeName": "email",
"attributeType": "String",
"value": "[email protected]"
"attributeName": "country",
"attributeType": "Int",
"value": "2"
"attributeName": "idFront",
"attributeType": "String",
"value": "..."