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The Evolution of Data-Rich Applications

Seneca Blockchain is the first layer 1 designed to build apps on rich, complex yet private data.
You can build intelligent, data-heavy apps easily in the cloud. Yet it's a nightmare to preserve privacy, impossible to promote data sovereignty, and the default is "give the company all data" which is useful for no one.
Decentralized networks are the answer, but you must be able to build the same type of rich applications on them. That is Seneca.

What is the Seneca Blockchain?

Seneca is an end-to-end blockchain platform and framework focused on privacy and data management.
  • New, built-for-purpose layer 1 blockchain & smart contract structure.
  • Programmatic flexible data management: storage, access, accessibility, compute. Local and cloud.
  • A rich, unlimited-layering system for privatizing and credentialing information.
  • AI integrations with smart contracts bridge business needs and private data management techniques. Enabling data-driven insights while preserving user privacy.

How to build dApps on Seneca

The best way to get started building decentralized applications on Seneca is through our SDK. Here you can read more about the functionality of the Seneca blockchain and the private data storage of our blockchain wallet Vault+.
The following sections are available:


Functions that let you query the chain state and submit transactions.


The API for our private data blockchain wallet that you can use to securely exchange user data and sign transactions with Vault+.

Data Types

Structure and data types for schemas, credentials, and claims. Type annotations and object structures for common definitions in the Seneca ecosystem in TypeScript and Rust.

Tools Built on Seneca

We have released the following tools to make developing decentralized applications on Seneca easier:

Zeno Testnet

The most current iteration of the Seneca blockchain in trial-and-error mode. Try out the latest features but expect issues.
Connect to the Zeno Testnet through the PolkadotJS block explorer at
You can request Zeno tokens and talk to the developers on our Discord server.


Data structuring wallet. Private, cloud, and blockchain storage and retrieval of private or anonymous data.


Advanced, rich credentialing application. Available at